Friday, June 23, 2006

waking late

Now this is obviously a sequal of the earlier one the "sleeping late", infact the consequesnce of it.
Generally when I sleep.. its almost next to being dead. Nowadays mosquetoes don't bite me or atleast I don't mind cause as said already.. I'm next to be dead.
But it really matters when someones knocking on the door while I'm sleeping inside. It happened today morning when a friend of me had to call me up on a cell phone next to my ear after ringing the door bell for several minutes.
While "sleeping late" was developed in school days, "waking late" started in college, where attending first lecture was never manditory and I always managed to get the second lecture only 5-10min late.
But now I'm just afraid of it, cause its making difficult for me to attend morning meetings in office.. anyways one more time I have decided to get rid of this habit from next week. wish me good luck.