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Reply to Anivar

It seems like there is some problem with comment posting on Anivar's blog. So I decide to put my reply as a separate blog post. Here it goes:

Few factual corrections and comments:
1. About the pango bug 357790 and the patch on it:
The patch on this bug is a mere clean up version of the patch on bug 121672 which was originally created by LingNing. This was also based on the inputs given by Ani about the grammar of 0d30 and 0d31 which was later resolved (to 0d30 only) through discussions with smc.
Point is not to transfer the responsibility, but to acknowledge that pango genuinely has a problem that it does not behave the way Uniscribe does. Another problem in this case is that, Uniscribe bahavior has changed from its version in XP to Vista and we are yet to fix this bug completely. Anyway, my patch was reverted one year back (see Comment #32 on bug 357790). Ever since then I have urged on concentrating on the original issue which I still continue to. And Lohit was agreed to be fixe…

Lohit, Fedora and Community

First: _Some updates on Lohit Malayalam fonts_
Recently, there has been a huge agitation by Malayalam community about the bugs in the f9 final version of lohit fonts. You can get a glimpse of it here. Most of these were either last minute hickups or not reported at all until then. But whatever it was, the final product could not be buggy. So, within a short span of time, all these bugs (#444559, #444561, #444563) were fixed for Lohit and tagged into for the f9 final. So the version in fedora and latest upstream, lohit-2.2.1 is free of all these bugs. Malayalam users would be able to find the fixes in the following screenshot.
Second: _Some comments on the events going around_
After working for so many years on so many languages for so many different tools and applications, sometimes for some organizations, sometimes just out of passion, I (or should I say we, the language computing guys) have developed this immense love for all the languages of India. They are all rich in their heritage,…