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Why translations are freezed before development?

Some time back somebody talked to me about how illogical the schedule of fedora is, why do you have the translations deadline before the final development freeze. There is no point in freezing the translations when your development is still going on. Why don't you do it gnome's way? they don't freeze their translations before development!

Having received this unusual query all of a sudden and being far from internet connectivity to check the facts, I had no clear answer by then. But the logic had to be given.

To go by facts, the example about gnome was wrong! Check the gnome's schedule, they have string freeze (the term they use for translations) a lot before the code (development) freeze.

Having worked on both fedora and gnome l10n projects, I had an idea about the logic behind this, but I think it turned blur with the time. The logic is..

Development (or coding) and translations are two different tasks. In all the projects that need translations, have a set of language g…

Unicode 5.1 release and Indic changes

Unicode 5.1 release was announced earlier this month on 4th April. Here I have put a diff taken of Unicode 5.1 character database against that of Unicode 5.0. My buddy, Parag also did a nice job of summarizing the Indic specific changes, that I am trying to restate now.
So, here go the updates on Indian scripts UCD:

A. New Indic Scripts Added to Unicode:


Lepcha is a language spoken by the Lepcha people in Sikkim in India,and parts of Nepal and Bhutan. The Lepcha script (also known as "róng") is a syllabic script which has a lot of special marks and requires ligatures. Its genealogy is unclear. Early Lepcha manuscripts were written vertically, a sign of Chinese influence. Lepcha is considered to be one of the aboriginal languages of the area in which it is spoken. Total number of speakers numbers near 50,000. Unicode Range =>U1C00 to U1C4F Chart URL =>


The Ol Chiki script, also known as Ol Ce…

Do not buy gifts from Big Bazar

..on Sundays.

This is a bit off topic, but just to warn others who might be interested.

If you are on a weekend shopping and are planning to buy some gift items, and don't want to give the gifts without proper covering, make sure if the shopping center or the mall wherever you are shopping is providing Gift Wrap service or not.

In a peculiar event this Sunday, the shopping assistant at Big Bazar (Vashi) informed us that the articles will be gift wrapped at their Costumer Service counter free of cost. But after clearing the cash counter, when we reached the C.S. counter, we were denied of the service saying that it is not provided on Sunday. huh? If there would have been a huge crowd, it could be still understood. But with their decaying reputation, this Sunday wasn't much busy at BB. The man on the counter was so much reluctant to provide the service that he actually offered us to take the goods back, sending us back to the floor we got it from and returning the money, but not to…