Monday, April 14, 2008

Do not buy gifts from Big Bazar

..on Sundays.

This is a bit off topic, but just to warn others who might be interested.

If you are on a weekend shopping and are planning to buy some gift items, and don't want to give the gifts without proper covering, make sure if the shopping center or the mall wherever you are shopping is providing Gift Wrap service or not.

In a peculiar event this Sunday, the shopping assistant at Big Bazar (Vashi) informed us that the articles will be gift wrapped at their Costumer Service counter free of cost. But after clearing the cash counter, when we reached the C.S. counter, we were denied of the service saying that it is not provided on Sunday. huh? If there would have been a huge crowd, it could be still understood. But with their decaying reputation, this Sunday wasn't much busy at BB. The man on the counter was so much reluctant to provide the service that he actually offered us to take the goods back, sending us back to the floor we got it from and returning the money, but not to wrap it!!

This isn't the only example of arrogant behavior of BB staff. Every time you visit, someone will be found troubled. One of such very common observation is, Eight out of Ten cash counters are handled by ill-trained people causing each customer to spend Ten odd minutes resolving issues with the billing machine.

I cannot expect professionalism at these shopping centers to improve due to this blog post (there are already so many other online reviews), but at least some other customers will come to know about such small precautions.