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Kaarkkodakan fix for Pango

The pango bug #441654 about mprefixups for Malayalam, better known as "Kaarkkodakan" issue has now undergone a history of one year and has caused a lot of pain among Malayalam users. It has also seen a lot of patches like this so far. But none of them neither solve the problem completely nor were they fit for Pango's coding style.

Now, finally I have come up with a patch that looks pretty much generic and does not affect the coding style much. Also the testing done so far proves to be fine. All the test cases reported so far have been fixed up without anything else getting affected. Manilal has also did his bit by doing the testing himself and posting the screen shots. Now if everything goes fine and Behdad's critical eye doesn't spot any problem :-), hope to see this one getting committed for next pango release soon.