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Go round.. but which way?

It all started with Kushal's query about python's strange behavior regarding % operator. But my own digging went on so much that I got tempted to write an entire post than just a reply. Kushal, you might find the answer for your query somewhere at the end.

Integer division is far more interesting than one could imagine. Especially when it comes to negative numbers. Even more interesting are the topics of remainder, modulo and truncation. In general, for given two integers N and D, you would simply divide the absolute values |N| by |D| and if only one of them carries negative sign you would mark the quotient negative otherwise positive, the remainder would carry the sign of N. Now take an example,
-2/3. Your quotient would be 0 and remainder would be -2. Now try the same thing on Python. You will get
-2/3 = -1 and -2%3 = 1.
Now lets rethink of both manual and python's results.
Your manual quotient is zero because the absolute value of N is less than that of D. But thinking in te…