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Existance Vs God

Although I'm not a believer of God, the overly mystical nature of this sher by Galib has amused me a lot. Two lines can have so much of meaning.. what did he exactly mean?

nah thā kuchh to khudā thā, kuchh nah hotā to khudā hotā
duboyā mujh ko hone ne, nah hotā maiñ to kyā hotā


1a) when there was nothing, then God was; if nothing existed, then God would exist
1b) when I was nothing, then God existed; if I were nothing, then God would exist
1c) when I was nothing, then I was God; if I were nothing, then I would be God

2a) 'being' drowned me; if I were not I, then what would I be?
2b) 'being' drowned me; if I did not exist, then what would I be?
2c) 'being' drowned me; if I were not I, then what would exist?
2d) 'being' drowned me; if I did not exist, then what would exist?
2e) 'being' drowned me; if I were not I, then so what?
2f) 'being' drowned me; if I did not exist, then so what?
(Translation by FW Pritchett)

Rains, Mountain, Winds, Clouds & Sarah

Its been really long time I posted anything. Really running outta time now..
especially there's no time for blogging when you have enough faith in
personal interactions. But taking out some of my usually invaluable time..

This is what rocked my weekend this time. A mansoon trek with a specical guest and
few of the colleages cum friends. We went to see Bhaje caves and Lohgad near
Lonavala with our Guest Sarah on the day when Sun had bad times with clouds.
Although it was my easiest trek so far, it was one of the most enjoyed one.
And really worth mentioning fact that I didn't fall for a single time ;-).

There was a hard time when we had to hold each other against the awefully
strong and slapping wind and that too when we three, only three, Ankit, me and
Maku were on the edgemost point of the mountain, and nobody could see us
due to clouds between, a real deadend.

There is lot more to talk on this and few really good moments that came along
with Sarah.. I wish she comes back soon.., but forg…

shaayari in Fanna

This can be called "do takke ki shaayari" but really I enjoyed it:

kehte hai ishq me neend ud jaatii hai
kaash humse bhi koi mohobbat kare
kambakht neend bohot aati hai..

There are few more of this kind in this movie..
but some of them(mostly borrowed from reputed shaayars)
are really good. See this,

insaan ki khwaahish ki bhi koi hudd nahi,
do gaz zamin chaahiye, gaz kafan ke baad.

One more,

masjid me sharaab pine de ghalib,
ya wo jagah bataa, jahaa khuda na ho

एक नविन उद्योग

Sometime back today.. I clicked few pixels and played with few glyphs to create this new blog:
माझी कविता

It would be difficult for people to believe that I'm doing something in the field of poetry.. but guys please bare with it. Intentions are to collect some good works and also post a few from my own creations. It may contain mostly marathi material but there is no rule for that.

waking late

Now this is obviously a sequal of the earlier one the "sleeping late", infact the consequesnce of it.
Generally when I sleep.. its almost next to being dead. Nowadays mosquetoes don't bite me or atleast I don't mind cause as said already.. I'm next to be dead.
But it really matters when someones knocking on the door while I'm sleeping inside. It happened today morning when a friend of me had to call me up on a cell phone next to my ear after ringing the door bell for several minutes.
While "sleeping late" was developed in school days, "waking late" started in college, where attending first lecture was never manditory and I always managed to get the second lecture only 5-10min late.
But now I'm just afraid of it, cause its making difficult for me to attend morning meetings in office.. anyways one more time I have decided to get rid of this habit from next week. wish me good luck.


This is what the celestial quiz resulted for me:

Find your Celestial Choir
I got a link to this quiz thrugh runa's blog.

sleeping late

After practicing for so many years..(I think it started with my study hours in 10th class or even before that when I used to watch late night movies).. it has become a habit for me to sleep late in night.. mostly after 1 O'clock.. Okey.. I know there are so many creatures in this species of Human kind who spend nights awakened.. but atleast most of they follow some or any exception to that rule.
But for me, case has become really wierd.. Cmmon what do you do when its raining out in midnight, you are alone in a room, you dont have your laptop with you, the power is already gone and your cell phone battery is also down, you don't have a FM radio with you, you dont have a girlfriend to do anything.. (I mean.. making a late night call ;)), mosquitos have started theire work around you and you dont even have a candle in room. Other guys in the next room prefered sleeping early for all those reasons. But not me.. then what was I doing.. got a pen, a rough sheet of paper and started …

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Now heres one more article that points how mobile phones, once termed as luxury, became basic need nowadays:
People were blaming their mobile phones for adding stress to their lives... both in bringing work home and in bringing family annoyances to work. Well, perhaps it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation, because a new study points out that people are getting stressed out if they don't have their mobile phone. One article even goes down the predictable path of calling people addicted to mobile phones. Again, that seems a bit extreme. What it signifies is that, for many people, mobile phones have become very important -- so it's no wonder that losing one can be stressful. Either that, or maybe we're all just addicted to stress.

Torvalds: no GPL 3 for Linux kernel

Linus Torvalds made it clear that the Linux operating system is going to stay under GPL (General Public License) 2 and not migrate to GPL 3. Read more on
GPL has been a bit confusing for me. Now whats new with GPL 3. Why should anyone migrate from v2 to v3? Can anyone make things clear? Please comment.

India Celebrates 57th Republic Day

Today India celebrated its 57th Republic Day. 26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. In this day India became a totally republican unit.

This day is even more important than 15th August when some outsiders left the nation and other politicians took the charge. The real Independence, our own system and our own law was implemented on this day. This is the day we promised ourselves by means of constitution to build a republic, liberate, socialist, secular and democratic Nation. We gave ourselves the right to Vote. We made ourselves free from not only a Foriegn government but also from our own rivals, the social bounds, the caste slavery, the communal diversities and much more. One Man One Vote! One law for billions of people. Can there be a better example of equality than this! The worlds biggest, greatest and most stable democracy was founded on this ve…

The Samyak Multilingual font project

At TIFR, we have undertaken an internationalization project , with major concern towards Indic Comtuting Solutions. Till now we have successfully developed Multilingual Fonts, "Samyak", for 7 Indic scripts, which is a milestone in its own. This is now considered to be one of the most successful project of its kind. Soon this will be available as a debian package for linux systems. It works on both linux and windows platform.
You can visit the project site at :

Also visit my page at

My first web blog

This may be the common first post for every blogger. And even I want to say,

Hello everybody,

I have seen that blogging has been a crucial subject for many professionals and internet savvy people. Thanks to all of those whose concern encouraged me to create my first blog.
Now lets see how it works for me.