Friday, June 23, 2006

sleeping late

After practicing for so many years..(I think it started with my study hours in 10th class or even before that when I used to watch late night movies).. it has become a habit for me to sleep late in night.. mostly after 1 O'clock.. Okey.. I know there are so many creatures in this species of Human kind who spend nights awakened.. but atleast most of they follow some or any exception to that rule.
But for me, case has become really wierd.. Cmmon what do you do when its raining out in midnight, you are alone in a room, you dont have your laptop with you, the power is already gone and your cell phone battery is also down, you don't have a FM radio with you, you dont have a girlfriend to do anything.. (I mean.. making a late night call ;)), mosquitos have started theire work around you and you dont even have a candle in room. Other guys in the next room prefered sleeping early for all those reasons. But not me.. then what was I doing.. got a pen, a rough sheet of paper and started writing anything that came to mind... Any heard shaayari, songs that I still remember, and yes some of my own creations and so on!
do you remember it was dark in room? still I was writing.. till 1:30 I continued the stuff and finally decided to sleep(thinking of the office to attend next morning). When I woke up next morning(ie today) to see what have I written, amazingly enough the handwriting was better than what I usually would write. hehe dont laugh.. my usual handwriting is not that bad.