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Rains, Mountain, Winds, Clouds & Sarah

Its been really long time I posted anything. Really running outta time now..
especially there's no time for blogging when you have enough faith in
personal interactions. But taking out some of my usually invaluable time..

This is what rocked my weekend this time. A mansoon trek with a specical guest and
few of the colleages cum friends. We went to see Bhaje caves and Lohgad near
Lonavala with our Guest Sarah on the day when Sun had bad times with clouds.
Although it was my easiest trek so far, it was one of the most enjoyed one.
And really worth mentioning fact that I didn't fall for a single time ;-).

There was a hard time when we had to hold each other against the awefully
strong and slapping wind and that too when we three, only three, Ankit, me and
Maku were on the edgemost point of the mountain, and nobody could see us
due to clouds between, a real deadend.

There is lot more to talk on this and few really good moments that came along
with Sarah.. I wish she comes back soon.., but forg…