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Samyak fonts licensing

After advocating font licenses to be other than GPL, I had to review the license of the self maintained Samyak font. Thus the discussion is on at samyak-users list. If you think there is really something about GPL with 'font exception' and OFL then please join the list and start commenting. The other list (samyak-devel) is not functioning an I'm trying to get it up. Should be ok within couple of days. Till then the general purpose IRC channel #samyak on would be a good place to find developers and do some quick chats.

Playing around on a low bandwidth

It was a lazy Saturday and I spent a lot of time playing around with the layout of this blog on a frustratingly slow home wifi connection until I got settled into this fairly well structured design. Next I kept wondering how to categorize the posts, when I finally looked into a proper source i.e. Help section on blogger itself. Should I have started posting, I would have noticed the labels field. Anyways, its a Sunday early dawn and I am still up, not cared to get up in morning.
Earlier today(or should I say the last day now) the bandwidth played bad on me. My email client kept complaining about mail deliveries and still I got acks for few of the mails. Bearing all the trouble I still managed to reply on the Lohit fonts issue.
Now going back to relax to a movie, goodnight everyone.

[LC: not again.. I am struggling to publish even this post.. is someone from reliance broadband reading this?]


Its been 2 years since I created this blog and 3 months since my last post. And so far there are only 13 posts. Now thats next to inactive. To add more, there isn't much relevant content in it so far. Even my picture here doesn't look like what I do nowadays.
But thanks a lot to Dimitris for encouraging me to blog again. I thought of creating another one but then, whats the problem continuing this one? Though I should try to keep it more natural and close to the stuff I really do.
Lets see how I go through this 'Refresh' thing :)

Its a Dahi-handi and still we had fun

Here is the festival of Dahi-Handi, celebrated as a birthday of hindu god Lord Krishna. Some dudes here called it Yogurt Pot festival for a change. The video shows the fun part for which we had to wait for something like three and half hours. All of the rest part and even before that people were just dancing on the beats of a localized DJ. Of course we were not part of the dance. The huge crowd right in the middle of a crossroad and the entire traffic had been diverted, but still we were less bothered about going home before the end of game happened. Although they had to lower the height of Dahi-Handi (the pot they are suppose to break to steal the Curd/yogurt inside) since none of the crew had enough man power to reach up to the original height, it was still a game of huge physical expertise and skills. The dudes rocked it in their first intended attempt without a single mistake or hassle.